What is Your Plan for 2012?

Have you setup your plan for 2012?

I tried to ask some of my fellow friends about this.. and most of the answers are – No.

Studies shows that only 15% of adults have planned what they want to do and finding methods on how to accomplish them. In fact January is a great time to do this!

New Year’s resolutions are circling around those wonderful and great achieved aspirations and it can become a great kick start for a new year. And yes – New Year’s resolutions can give you a better image of your plan for this year.

As I planned mine, I would like to share some of the tips on getting your plan in 2012.

Discover Your Purpose

There are a lot of resolutions – however the resolutions such as “lose weight, exercise more, get a happier life, treat my problems” are generally not achieved because most people fail to find the methods that lead them to achieve the resolutions.

Goal is a goal – but how you can achieve them? Let’s see mine.

  • My resolution is to Lose weight (I gained weight due to Lucrin and other medications for cysts)
  • My objective is to Lose 10 pounds in six months
  • My strategy is to change my diet, take a set of nutrition and do more exercise at least twice per week.

Know Your Strength

There are a lot of things that we want to do in our life. We want more happiness than before. We want this and that. Believe it or not – there are some things which are beyond our strength.

So instead of forcing ourselves to do more things that we can afford to do, how about knowing about our own strength by asking ourselves these questions?

  • What are my current strength and weakness?
  • What activities can benefit me more and which is affordable to my strength?
  • Do I have the strength to do the efforts that I wish to do?

Decide & Allocate Your Resources

The next thing to be kept in mind is – what resources do you have? Different people got different degrees of resources. Yes- we are going to use these resources to achieve our resolutions.

So for myself – I got time, cash, knowledge in Accounting and my talent in doing business.

An effective method to know your resources is by creating an inventory for them. Jot them down and for each resource that you have – check whether your resource is able to help you in achieving your resolutions. Some examples of mine:

  • Time: More time to exercise and do more readings
  • Knowledge in Accounting: Starting book keeping and accounting service.

Develop Your Action

Now you got your resolutions which have been checked with your resources. It’s time to develop your action plan. In other words – how I am going to do it? You have to be a bit detail on this or you will be in doubt how you will gonna do it.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • When?
  • Where?
  • With who?
  • How?

Execute Your Plan

Now you got your plan – it’s time to do it! In fact this is the most hardest stage because you have turn your plan into action. Put your plan at the place where you can see it everyday. Boost your motivation by saying – I can do it! The most unacceptable failure is to fail doing things after you have planned it thoroughly.

We can do it!

Wish Me Luck!

Having times with ovarian cyst/endometriosis gave me a lot of challenging times and experiences – and the experiences taught me a lot! I’m going to be married within this January and I do hope it can help me out of this problem (one of them is by being pregnant). Wish me luck and pray for me everyone!

Having experiences with ovarian cyst and would like to share them with us and the readers? You are welcome to share them by writing for us here at Ovarian Cysts Relief! =)

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